Banksy in Bethlehem

We found three of his street art pieces in Bethlehem, though only one of them was on the the actual separation barrier and others on different walls. There are plenty more Banksy graffiti in the West Bank / Palestine.

Rainy and grey

This looks a lot like Finnish fall, but actually pics are taken from the window of Baalbek-Beirut -minibus coming down from the mountains last spring. 

Blurry and bearded

This bearded man ran through my picture in Mahane Yehuda and turned to smile at me. For that he deserves his own post.

Office, unofficially

FIME is moving to Beirut. As I have no pictures of the office premises, these two will have to do as a memorial: Our cute pink bathroom and my favorite way to spend my lunch break, watching a satirical Finnish animation series Pasila.

To the anonymous

200th post. With these blurry faces and body parts I'm paying tribute to some of the people (and places and moments) who made a difference in my life in Amman and around. And the ones not present in this post: even if I never took unrecognizable photos of you, you are still part of this life-changing experience and always special to me. <3

King who?

It's not Abdullah or Hussein, I understand that much. So who could it be?

King's shoes

Exactly a year ago Jordan's King Abdullah said he would step down if he was in Assad's shoes (see video). Hopefully it never gets to that point.

King under my shoes

I found this king on the ground in Amman already early in the spring, so it can't be taken as a sign of Abdullah II's fate.

Palestinian Space Agency

I found this ripped sticker of PSA in downtown Amman. It turned out that PSA is an interesting art project.

Jump Jordan

The burning hot desert sand might not be the best platform for parkour. At least the scenery for jumping is great.

Stupidness is no excuse

Today, once again, it feels like the world's gone crazy. Gaza, Syria and now also Jordan in my mind: stay safe.

Between noise and peace

Deep breathing and peace to all in Jordan.

Rumble bee

Muscle trucks in the city. Really don't see the point.


As an exception to the rule of me hating the excess of cars in Amman: I liked Tito right away.

Cocacolonization 2

Bottles and cans everywhere. Coke is very present in Bethlehem.

Made in USA

Or maybe not made in, but at least sponsored by.

Golden boy

Male mannequins are far more infrequent sight in Amman than the female ones.

Traditionally scary 2

I have only one word: freaky!


I don't see you.

Where's your head at?

Two beheaded, all with a rope around their neck.