Sundown, hands up

Sunset seems even more amazing when one can float straight into it.

Salt into wounds

From afar this salt rock seashore looked like snow and ice.

Day slowly floated away

Our chalet was right next to a deserted and peaceful beach by the Dead Sea end of Wadi Mujib.

What's my name again?

Our guide was trying to decide how to write my name in Arabic.

Some climbing

We went as high as we could.

No climbing

The dude in the sign has a weird way of climbing.

Red sunset

Wadi Rum is also called the Valley of the Moon, but especially before the sunset it gets so red that it looks more like Mars.

Petra by night

Almost 2000 candles, bedouin music and some (very sweet) tea. If only they'd let you go beyond the Treasury...


Some bedouins like it more modern.

Three-legged transport

After having chased this young runaway camel before, our guide decided to tie it up for the break.

One hump wonders

Only recently I learned that all the camels in Wadi Rum are one-humped Arabian dromedary camels (camelus dromedarius).