I (don't) get it

I have no idea what either one of these graffiti says, but I love the way they look.

Baths behind the banking street

The Roman baths are in a weird contrast with the modern buildings next to them in the rebuilt downtown Beirut.

Private Property

One rarely sees so many things being forbidden as in this sign in the middle of Beirut. Most of them make sense, but what about the one with the dollar sign?

Stop Solidere

Right next to Hariri's statue and memorial, St. George Hotel is fighting to stop the company founded by Hariri.

Stroll on the corniche

Once again the Beirut seaside promenade suprised me: The tanning granpas beckoned me to join and the pastry men gave me a bite.

Write on wall

It doesn't matter whether the wall is in Facebook or in the West Bank as long as the message reaches its audience.

Refuse to be enemies

There are a lot of Israeli peace organizations working with Palestinians. There is hope.

Drawing the line

Especially when looking at it in Bethlehem it's quite clear that the separation wall does not follow the Green Line.

Stay human

There is no other way.

Cactus cat

This yellow-eyed little cat was first hiding under the cactus but was by no means at all shy.

Palestinian pomegranates

I've mentioned here before that I love pomegranates. In Palestine one can still find pomegranate trees, even though a lot of them have been destroyed.

Hazard: IDF ahead

At first I didn't even realize that this warning sign of IDF soldiers was not real but made by a local artist from Ramallah.

Under umbrellas

This cafe/bar in Ramallah had an inspiring interior, very friendly service and good coffee.

Peace and love?

Today (October 20th) the Gaza-bound Estelle-boat was intercepted by Israel. We would really need some good news now.

Barbed Bethlehem

I'm having a hard time understanding the point of the barbed wire close to the separation wall.

Girl with a gun

Liberation fighter Leila Khaled has gained the status of a poster girl of Palestinian armed struggle. She was not too happy with this pin-up position and had 6 plastic surgeries in order not to wear a face of a hijacker / an icon.

Free(style) Palestine

No matter the style, most of the messages on the separation wall in Bethlehem are about freedom and ending the occupation.

Fuc life

The separation wall is not the only depressing wall in Bethlehem.


The view from this bar above Amman is amazing, but it's almost better reflected (and you all know how I love reflections).